Our First Home – Before and After


Mother Nature lovingly decided Spring ’16 should start with 4 solid weeks of rain. This decision came to fruition at the exact time we signed a contract and were ready to break ground on our new home.

Thanks MN.

So my husband JB and I have been (im)patiently waiting for the big ole trucks to come rolling in; and here they are!


This cutie-patootie is our son Jack (14 months) He couldn’t wait to get down and play in the dirt!


If you would have asked us 2 years ago if we thought we would be moving again in just 25 short months I would have said you were bat crap crazy. But life works in such amazingly wonderful ways. The rehab work on our first house was HARD on our relationship. My (then) fiancé  and I were newly engaged and it damn near broke us. I mean it guys.   We. Drove. Each. Other. Nuts. I literally couldn’t stand him most days (love you babe 😉 ) We both work full time and also worked on that house every minute we were home in an effort to just get it over with and return to normalcy. This may work for some, but for us it was very trying.

Anyway, we hung in there and we had a beautiful home in the end.

So as an homage to our first home together, and the excavation of our new home, let me take you on a little tour of the rehab process. Grab your popcorn, these before and afters are delightful!

I know what you are thinking.

Cool purple house man.

In our defense, when we discovered the house and purchased it was in the doom and gloom of winter and it looked like it was light grey in color. We moved in, out pops the sun and the exterior is PURPLE. With maroon shutters. Eek!

Picture4  Picture7

We waited about a year to address the outside and when we did, replaced the dilapidated fence and added a fresh coat of exterior paint.

Picture6  Picture5

When I look back at the before pictures I wonder why/how we even gave this house a chance. The previous owner was clearly channeling an 80’s vibe.



I’m going to leave a couple of these right here..





What is it about Before and After shots that make me absolutely giddy??


It amazes me how much white paint can transform a  room and make it pop!



My favorite revamped room. Fresh paint and updated light fixtures can work miracles!



I am going to miss my chalkboard wall. It was so fun to dress up for holidays, parties and birthdays. It was also functional as a grocery list board. Right before I went to the store I would snap a pic of the list-easy peasy!

Here are a couple of the boards I created. I personally think the first one pictured was the deciding factor for our would be buyers 🙂


A different angle of the kitchen.


We poured blood, sweat and tears into the rehab of this home. We knew it wouldn’t be our forever home, but we loved it all the same.




I stripped the banister and individually repainted each.individual.spindle. Pictures do not do justice to the difference these changes made!

At first it was all fun and ‘new house endorphin’s’ games



“Just stand right there and hold this paint cover” he said.

“You’ll be fine, that’s what the cover is for” he said.


This is my “I hate you, but I love you (but I really hate you) face” for JB as were were on days eleventy thousand-seven/eleventy thousand-eight of neck cramping ceiling scraping. Good riddance popcorn!

Picture21   Picture25

Innocent me didn’t realize removal of my nemesis wallpaper was next!


Take a load off Maggie, we got this..


But seriously..how magnificent is this chandy??


Sit back and take her in..


Huge shout out to all who have painstakingly spent hours upon hours peeling, scraping (and crying) over wallpaper. Who invented this stuff; it should be banned!


Yep. That’s pink paint under that glorious paper.



As we say good-bye to this chapter and hello to the next, I am most excited about the love that will be shared and memories created with my family in our new home. I am also looking forward to the projects and improvements we will be able to accomplish over the years. Our home is my happy place, and DIY, home decor and projects to make our house a loving, inviting home is my passion.

Stay tuned!